Throughout the Museum Property are outdoor displays - for additional information on each topic, click through the images below.

This content is a work in progress - check back later if you don’t see the tour stop you’re looking for!


Rope Drive Compressor

Tour Stop A


West Kootenay Power & Light Company

Tour Stop A & H

Old Growth Cedar

Tour Stop B

Aerial Tramway

Tour Stop E

Fire Hall & Fire Trucks

Tour Stop G

Mine Locomotives

Tour Stop I

Roger Terhune Geology Building

Tour Stop J

Le Roi Tool Warehouse

Tour Stop K

Superintendent’s Office

Tour Stop L

Railroad Maintenance

Tour Stop M

Esso Fuel Pumps & Automobiles in Rossland

Tour Stop P

Ore Loading Area

Tour Stop R


Mini Fire Hall & Hose Reel

Tour Stop S

War Eagle Mine Bull Wheel & Mine Safety

Tour Stop T

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