Educational Tours

Students: $5
1 free Chaperone per 5 students
Additional chaperones pay normal admission

Diggin' it Geology Tour
1 - 1.5 hours
Grades: K - 12
This tour includes gold panning, a self guided historical tour in the museum, and a guided geology identification activity. In early fall and late spring, students can be taken on a guided historical tour of the outside grounds. This tour can be adapted to all grades

Chinese History Tour
1 - 1.5 hours
Grades 5 - 12
This tour includes a visit to our local Chinese history display and, with the aid of an interpreter, students participate in an object identification activity. At another station, students explore the kit "The Writing on the Wall" that details the racism and prejudice the Chinese immigrants faced at the turn of the century. This tour includes a workshop on Chinese Calligraphy. This tour includes mature themes.

Animal Homes, Human Homes
1 - 1.5 hours
Grades: Pre-K - Grade 5
This tour includes visits to multiple displays and exhibits in the museum where students can explore how homes were built more than 100 years ago by different cultures. They can compare the natueral materials used to build these homes with how animals construct their own homes. Weather permitting (early fall and late spring) this will also include a guided outdoor waling tour exploring how animals have returned to the mine sites now that the industry is inactive. This includes seeing an owl roost, pointing out the mine-entry that is inhabited by bat species, pocket gophers, and more. This tour can also include a workshop dissection of an owl pellet for ages 6 years and older (advance notice is required for this activity.

First People's History
1 - 1.5 hours
Grades: 4 - 12
This tour includes a group telling of a Sinixt story while visiting our Sinixt exhibit and a look at local Sinixt history. Students learn about a timeline of First peoples inhabitation of BC going back 10,000 years. We will explore this timeline by looking at archaeological evidence of each of the major periods. Students will learn and discuss the role of museums with archaeological artifacts and also laws prohibiting the collection of First Nations artifacts in Canada.

Night at the Museum: Class Sleepover

$50 per student (minimum 15 students)
$40 per student (minimum 30 students, maximum 50 students)
One of the above tours
A movie in our theatre (seats 30)
A choice of one workshop in the morning
Camping/sleeping in the great hall of the museum (bring your own pillows/sleeping bags)
Access to our warming kitchen and BBQ to prepare your own food (added cost for propane use)
We are a short walk from the Lions Campground and Centennial Wetlands
There is a walking trail to downtown, immediate access to world class mountain biking trails, Red Mountain Ski Resort, Black Jack Cross Country Ski Area, and a local outdoor pool.

Workshop Add-Ons

Additional workshops offered as an add-on to general admission. These are optional additions and can be arranged separately for a class visit.

Fun Fossils Workshop
$3 per student (maximum 25 students per workshop)
Grades: Pre-K - Grade 3
Kids will get to travel back in time and learn the basics of paleontology. Watch a 4 minute film about paleontologists or read a book about a boy that discovered dinosaur bones. Make your own dinosaur track way in clay. Practice excavating chocolate chips from a chocolate chip cookie with tooth picks. Each table will then practice excavating dino bones from their rubbermaid dig site.

Let it Glow! Workshop
$3 per student
Grades: Pre-K - Grade 5 (adapted for older or younger)
Don't be afraid of the dark! In this workshop we will dig into chemistry to make glowing polymer worms, glowing blobs in tubes, and glow in the dark constellation paintings.

Owl Pellet Dissection
$3 per student
Grades: 2 - 12 (adapted for older or younger)
Students will be provided with everything they need to dissect and owl pellet. Owls roost in the compressor shed on the museum property; a sign of animals returning to industrial areas. 14 days advanced booking is required for this workshop.

Magnet Earth Workshop
$3 per student (maximum 30 students per workshop)
Grades: Pre-K - Grade 7 (adapted for older or younger)
In this workshop we will discover what magnets are through sorting activities and how to transfer magnetism to other metals. Little ones will get to make magnetic slime and older ones will get to use their home-made compasses to find a hidden treasure.

Fossils Workshop
$3 per student (maximum 25 students per workshop)
Grades: 4 - 8
Get ready to travel back in time to learn the basics of paleontology! In this workshop we will learn the importance of index fossils, hunt for fossils on the dinosaur timeline, and make molds of real fossils!

Amazing Minerals Workshop
$3 per student (maximum 30 students per workshop)
Grades: 4 - 12
Bring your curiosity to solve these mineral mysteries! In this workshop, budding geologists will use advanced methods to identify rocks and minerals just like real geologists! Rock sorting and identification using scientific methods.

Air Takes up Space
$3 per student
Grades: K - 6
Air takes up space! In this workshop we'll flu ping pong balls with a hair dryer, hold a glass of water upside down, and blow back against an egg in a bottle being pushed by air!

Discovery Kits

From the Royal BC Museum

Writing on the Wall
This classroom kit explores the history of Chinese Immigration and the head tax.
Includes lesson plans, replica poetry on wall plaster, video with display screen, 6 decks of Bamboo Shoots classroom set, and more.

Species at Risk Mini Museums
These 4 mini museums contain 4 specimens of species at risk in the Kootenays.
Includes info cards and short activities. The boxes fold out to make a complete display.

Rossland Museum Discovery Kits:

Indigenous Basketry of the Region: Learn about different regional First Nations weaving styles, plants used to dye basketry, and their uses.  Make traditional fish cakes from a traditional recipe by using the included mortar and pestle.

Drawn to History:  This case contains historical objects to draw from.  Learn lessons in perspective drawing, contour shading and local contemporary issues with indigenous Rock art. 

Local Ecology:  In this kit students will learn about things like invasive species or how to measure a tree with a straw.