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Progress: We have now begun planning for Phase Two: Mine Experience - starting with a very generous donation from Teck Metals - Trail Operations of $700,000!

Teck Mine Experience Entrance

Teck Mine Experience Entrance

Consolidated Mine Experience Interior Perspective

Consolidated Mine Experience Interior Perspective

Phase Two Exterior with Atrium Addition

Phase Two Exterior with Atrium Addition

Phase II

The Mine Experience - $1.7 Million

Thanks to the generous donation of $700,000 from Teck Trail Operations, we are able to begin planning and fundraising for The Mine Experience phase - a combination of the above-ground mine tunnel and an atrium addition at the entrance of the museum.

We are excited to re-create the underground tunnel experience, which will tell our mining history through an interactive, engaging, and realistic interpretation of life in the mines of Red Mountain. This is an opportunity to create an exhibit that would mimic the sensory experience of a mine in a safe and controlled way. Mining machinery will be displayed, and perhaps even operated, to interpret mining activities and experiences.

The atrium addition will allow for much needed space to expand the gift shop and visitor centre without cutting back on the theatre and temporary exhibition gallery. This will be a truly eye-catching structure and create an enhanced entryway, improve circulation and usable space, and allow for a full introduction area to the Teck Mine Experience tunnel.

Proposed Timeline

• Planning/Fundraising – 2018-2019

• Construction – 2020

• Completion – Early 2021

Completed Phases

Phase I - Complete -

Renovation to archives, administration, public washrooms, and lobby - $700,000 raised!


Donate to the Project

Gold Commissioner                               $100,000 and above
Grubstaker                                             $ 50,000 - $99,999
Mine Superintendent                             $ 25,000 - $49,999
Blaster                                                    $ 10,000 - $24,999
Powder Monkey                                     $ 5,000 - $9,999
Driller                                                    $ 2,000 - $4,999
Miner                                                     $ 500 - $1,999
Mucker                                                   Up to $ 499

We sincerely appreciate our supporters to date -> please take a look at our ever-growing donor wall page for a full list of contributors.

Ways You Can Donate

  • Call us! (250) 362-7722 or toll-free 888-488-7444

  • Nelson & District Credit Union - Rossland Museum's Renewal Project Account

  • Donate at Canada Helps - Rossland Historical Museum & Archives Association

    • Registered Charity #107915654 RR0001

  • Keep an eye out for our next fundraiser!

Other Ways to Contribute

  • Participate in our fundraising events

  • Invite us to make a presentation to your organization on the project and support opportunities that may be available

  • Consider Volunteering

    • Fundraising Committee Member

    • Development Committee Member (specific to Renewal Project)

    • Help us out with events, fundraisers, programming, maintenance, or wherever your interest lies!

  • Consider joining the Board - Annual General Meeting is held in November, but you can get in touch anytime to inquire further

  • Have an idea? Let us know at or (250) 362-7722

Keep Informed

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The Vision

A Journey of Change...

  • A refreshed and transformed Rossland Museum that will reinforce its position as the West Kootenay's leading museum and archives

  • A landmark site to congregate, create, and strengthen links between diverse communities in the region

  • A significant shift in public programming: new interactive exhibits, exciting visitor experiences, and innovative ideas

  • An active presence in the community that supports local economy, spurs partnerships, and regenerates tourism

The lower level of the museum sits on the “Mining in the Kootenays” Historic Site of Canada that encompasses the historic entrance to the Black Bear Mine and a number of significant, large industrial mining artifacts and related outbuildings, and outdoor community programming space. The Rossland community came together in 1967 to plan and construct the initial exhibition building for the Rossland Historical Museum.

Since 1967, the main facility has been added onto in order to incorporate exhibition space exploring themes of local skiing history, hydroelectric power generation, mining and smelting, and social and cultural history of Rossland and area. From 1967 to 2010, there was a very informative, experiential, and successful underground mine tour of the Black Bear Mine. Access to the mine was permanently closed for safety and liability reasons in 2012 by the property owners, and the museum association has endeavored to make up for this lost educational opportunity through new interpretive displays, walking tours, gold panning, and other special programming.

This has necessitated a major “Renewal” for the museum with Donald Luxton and Associates Inc. preparing a “Plan for Renewal” at the end of 2013. The Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre Board of Directors – working closely with Teck Metals and the City of Rossland – has prepared a phased approach to this Renewal Project to strengthen the museum’s capacity to play a central role within the community and act as a gateway to the region.