Research Requests

To Begin Your Research

  • First, it is recommended that researchers make an appointment with the archivist either by phone, mail, or e-mail. A brief explanation of what you are looking for is also helpful. This may give us some time to pull preliminary information to get you started on your research.
  • Researchers should provide the archivist with as much information as possible so that the necessary material can be ready for the researcher when they arrive at the archives
  • Unlike libraries, archives do not permit public access to the stack areas. Instead your request is brought to the Research Room for access.
  • Archival documents are fragile so gloves are provided for the researcher along with a list of the facility's reasearch policies.
  • Remember that a fee will be charged for both the time (after 15 minutes) involving staff gathering the necessary information, and for any photocopies.

Research Fees
Research can be done at the archives in person for free by appointment. Appointments can be made by phone, mail, or e-mail. You can also fill out the request field below or download, print, and bring a research form to the museum using the form here.
Research can also be done by the staff for a fee:
First 15 minutes                                     Free
Every subsequent 30 minute period   $25.00

Photocopy Fees
Single Sided       $0.25 per page
                        $0.50 for 11x17
Double Sided     $0.40 per page
                        $0.75 for 11x17

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