Help the Museum continue our exhibition development, educational programming, community events, and care of the object and archival collections


Patrons and Donors, through their generous monetary support, help the Rossland Museum & Discovery Centre continue to carry out its mission to preserve and dynamically present the heritage of Rossland and area and to inspire and engage the public through virtual and real life displays that bring our history to life.

Donate once, monthly, or become an annual patron by selecting “Annual Donor Program” in the fund dropdown.

The Annual Patron program allows us to remain open year-round, expand and continue to refresh our permanent, temporary, and outreach exhibits, continue the professional care, storage, and documentation of our extensive archival and object collections, as well as continue our ever popular educational programming and community events throughout the year!


A 4-tier recognition system has been developed as follows:

  • Donations of $25,000+

  • Donations of $10,000+

  • Donations of $2,500+

  • Donations of $500+

Below $500, donors will receive an official tax receipt and online recognition