Facility Rentals

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Birthday party bookings include

  • Use of the party space for up to two hours (Included tables and chairs

  • Unlimited access to the museum and grounds; including train, movie theatre, gazebo etc.

  • $50 Add-on: Museum helper to run a special program for you and provide themed activities, a museum tour, or a private movie in our theatre

Activity Add On $50

Fun Fossils Party

Kids will get to travel back in time and learn the basics of paleontology. Make your own dinosaur trackway in clay, practice excavating chocolate chips from a chocolate chip cookie with  tooth-picks, examine real fossils from fruitvale, and make an imprint of a real fossil in Fimo clay that you can take home with you as a necklace. Recommended ages 5 yr +

Let it Glow! Party

Don't be afraid of the dark! We will dig into chemistry to make glowing polymer worms, glowing blobs in tubes and glow in the dark constellation paintings that you can take home with you! Recommended ages 5 yr +

Into the Wild Party! (Owl Pellet Dissection)

Students will be provided with everything they need to dissect an owl pellet. Owls roost in the compressor shed on the museum property; a sign of animals returning to industrial areas. 14 days advanced booking is required for this party add-on. Recommended ages 7 yrs +

Magnet Earth Party

We will discover what magnets are through sorting activities and how to transfer magnetism to other metals.  Let’s wrap up the party by making a batch of homemade slime! 14 days advance booking is required for this party add-on. Recommended ages 4 yrs +

Rock Detectives Party

Bring your curiosity to solve these mineral mysteries! Budding geologists will use advanced methods to identify rocks and minerals just like real geologists! Rock sorting and identification using scientific methods, a tour of our geology corner, and let’s crack open some geodes! Recommended ages 7 yrs +  (great for little readers and detectives)

Air Takes up Space

Air takes up space! We'll fly ping pong balls with a hair dryer, hold a glass of water upside down, and watch a candle suck an egg into a bottle! Recommended for ages 4 yrs +.  


  • Up to 12 Children $100.00

  • Up to 15 children:    $125.00

  • Additional Children: $5 / Child to a maximum of 20 Children.

  • Activity add-on:   $50.00

Phone:              (250) 362 - 7722
E-mail: info@rosslandmuseum.ca

A booking form for birthdays and events can be downloaded below.