The Rossland Kitchen

The Rossland Kitchen

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The kitchen was the centre of family activity in early Rossland. Laundry, cooking, preserving and making candles were just a few of the jobs carried out there. Children helped prepare the meals and learned sewing and carving. Clothes were washed by hand with a brush and washboard in a tub of water.

It was the era of flatirons or sad irons, heated on top of the stove. Butter was churned and large amounts of bread were baked. Candles were made in special moulds until coal-oil lamps were used. A woman’s leisure time was used to make clothes, dish towels and bed linen, braiding rugs, crocheting and knitting.

For bathing, a washtub was placed in the centre of the kitchen floor on Saturday nights readying the faithful for the Sabbath. during the week only the face and hands were washed.


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