Teck Cominco

Teck Cominco

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There has been a smelter in Trail, BC for over 100 years. It has evolved from crude to sophisticated modern technology and provides British Columbia with one its main economic engines.

In 1906 the War Eagle and Centre Star Mines of Rossland joined up with the St. Eugene Mine of Moyie, BC and the fledging smelter at Trail to form Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co of Canada Ltd.

From the small beginning it has now grown into the world-wide metallurgical and chemical fertilizer operation known as Teck Cominco.

The Cominco Wing exhibit was added to the museum building to depict this remarkable success story. It was officially opened in 1979 by the Honourable James Hewitt, Minister of Mines, Energy and Petroleum Resources of the Government of British Columbia.



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