Rossland Post Office

Rossland Post Office

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The first Post Office was erected in 1894 by Rossland’s first Post Master, David Stussi. The new office was located on Columbia Avenue, where the Garage is located today. As Rossland’s population grew, so did the amount of mail and a larger building was built by Mr. Stussi in April 1895 and remained at this location for six months.

On October 1, 1895, W. Wadds was appointed Post Master and he relocated the post office for a third time to another building and for a fourth time to a large building situated on Columbia Ave.

The new Post Office, the fifth in Rossland’s history, was a three storey structure built with granite blocks quartered in Rossland. The first floor was utilized as the post office, the second floor became the customs office and Inland Revenue offices and the third floor housed the caretaker.

Tragedy struck on March 1, 1929 as fire tore down the north side of Columbia Avenue, between the Bank of Montreal and the Post Office, demolishing buildings and leaving nothing unscathed. The Post Office suffered the loss of its third floor. Fortunately, the rest of the building was saved due to the granite and brick composition of the bottom two floors. The Post Office today is composed of the remaining two floors.


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