Red Mountain History & Ski Clubs

Red Mountain History & Ski Clubs

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In 1929 the Trail-Rossland Ski Club was formed. Just 3 years later, in 1933, a group of Rossland skiers formed their own ski club known as the Rossland Ski Club (RSC). In 1934 the RSC built a jump on Monte Cristo, north of the reservoir, and a cabin was also built. In addition, the Trail Ski Club (TSC) installed a gas-driven rope tow on the present lift line on Red Mountain, approximately towers 2 to 5.

Skiers from both clubs used the cabins as a base for touring up to the higher peaks and ridges. For even easier access cabins were built in Squaw Basin, the first of which was the Klister Club Cabin which is still in use today. The Yodel Inn was built in 1945.

Talks between the TSC and the RSC resulted in the amalgamation of the two clubs in 1947, forming the Red Mountain Ski Club. The organization combined their resources to build a chair lift to the top of Red Mountain. The first ride up Red Mountain on the chairlift was December 16, 1947.


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