“Friends of the Museum” takes on a new look

“Friends of the Museum” takes on a new look

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The “Friends of the Museum” was initiated in 2005 by the late JoAnne Baldassi. After 10 years the “Friends”, in the model it was created, is no longer relevant. However, the Museum continues to need “Friends”.

The organization of all events will now be done by Museum staff. This will include arranging volunteers as needed. Staff will email/phone the current list of “Friends” when help is needed for events. The staff would also appreciate an email/phone call in regards to the areas of your special interest i.e. yard work, children’s events, refreshments, special events, major fund raising, archives, etc.

At this time, we welcome all past and future “Friends” to contact the Museum as we continue to respond to the needs of the Museum as it aims to preserve and dynamically present the heritage of Rossland and area and moves forward into exciting times with the Rossland Museum and Discovery Centre Renewal Project.

Or email us

Kathy Bowcock
Past Chair “Friends of the Museum”


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