British America Corporation

British America Corporation

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BAC office building, on North Side of 3rd Ave, between Spokane & Earl Streets

Prior to 1898, Hon. C.H. MacIntosh, Lieut. Governor of the Northwest Territories, has persuaded an old school chum, Whittaker Wright, to form the British-America Corporation in London, England, for the purpose of investing in mining properties in Alaska and British Columbia. The B. A. Corporation  was closely allied with Whittaker Wright’s London and Globe Finance Company. MacIntosh was appointed managing director of the B.A. Corporation.

The B.A. Corporation purchased the Le Roi Mine in 1898 from its American owners and operated it until  the le Roi affairs were wound up in 110. The B.A. Corporation also owned and operated other Rossland properties including the Josie, Great Western, Columbia and Kootenay, Poorman, Nickel Plate and the West Le Roi.

The B.A. Corporation Grounds was a square block of property in the Rossland townsite just north of the  present arena. The grounds were fenced off and landscaped and contained a large two storey office building and four residences for B. A. Corporation staff.



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