Bottle Room

Bottle Room

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Our bottle room consists of a collection of bottles ranging from the years 1890 to 1910 and were either gathered or dug up from the old Rossland Dumps. This collection also represents 10 years of collecting by local Jim Heidt.

As with any of the old mining camps, the saloon was the gathering place and recreation choice of the miners and Rossland was no exception. During the Rossland’s peak the town consisted of 42 saloons, 4 breweries and 2 wholesale liquor stores.

Liquor was brought in from many parts of the world. Medicines were mostly of the patient type and sold across the counter. All writing was done with NIS type pens and as you will see there are many different ink bottles. Perfumes or Madam came mostly from Paris or New York. Many of the foods came in glass bottles and, similar to today, home canning was done in glass jars.


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